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airbender-ellyn asked: There is a shop on etsy called broleatherworks and it has great reviews. I've been wanting to get one for a while but there always seems to be something else. But he makes and sells a few different sized leather midori-style covers in a good range of colors and sizes at a very good price.

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yogalarva asked: Not sure of you've seen this, but there's a store on etsy called YellowPaperHouse that makes lovely midori refills with all kinds of options for layout and paper color of the innards. Not affiliated in any way, just a happy customer. :-)

Oh wow, those look great! Thanks! :D

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dokadek asked: Re: Midori, maybe make some little booklets in the sizes that the notebooks come in? You can test drive the sizes for cheap! And you won't get stuck with a cover you won't use.

I ended up getting the larger one because there’s a wider range of notebook sizes one can use in them than the teeny ones :3

Then I spent 3 hours thinking of what sort of notebooks and accessories I would use and how I would arrange them, and browsing pictures on pinterest and instagram. *cough* ^_^

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y2bd asked: You can always cut down a big one, but you can't cut up a small one!


I like a good pocket notebook, but I’m really keen to use evilsupplyco's notebooks as refills because they're so cute, and the passport-sized notebooks are only 13cm tall. Not quite big enough unfortunately!

But good god these notebooks are expensive. I have one, along with some accessories, in my Goulet Pens shopping cart right now and asking myself “Am I really going to spend this much money on some leather and elastic bands? Really?

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